High Volt 2835 LED Strip Light

Max long run LED strip light by the 100 meter reel

Top features and benefits:

» Direct 230v AC input, no recfifier

» Highest quality 2835 SMD LEDs

» 8 watts per meter

» High efficacy 100lm/w

» Cutting unit 10cm

» Silicone coating up to IP67

» Long lifetime upto 50,000 hours and maintainance free

» Working ambient temperature range -20℃ to +50℃

» Maximum run length 100m reel

Part NumberInput VoltageWattage per MeterColorLEDs/MIP Rating
VFL-HV2835-23K-120-10-230V-WP230V AC8W/m2300K120IP67
VFL-HV2835-27K-120-10-230V-WP230V AC8W/m2700K120IP67
VFL-HV2835-30K-120-10-230V-WP230V AC8W/m3000K120IP67
VFL-HV2835-40K-120-10-230V-WP230V AC8W/m4000K120IP67
VFL-HV2835-50K-120-10-230V-WP230V AC8W/m5000K120IP67
VFL-HV2835-60K-120-10-230V-WP230V AC8W/m6000K120IP67

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