Curve M Series LED Neon

Rectangle Side View Flexible LED Neon Light

The Curve M series is rectangle NEON 12x22mm, can be HORIZONTAL bent right and left in curve form, superb high color uniform output.

Ideal for facades, bridges, maritime, bar, indoor and outdoor application.

Top features and benefits:

» The rectangle NEON can be horizontal bent right and left in curve form

» IP68 with Factory termination (Customized length available)

» Only one BIN LED per color according to 2-step MacAdam

» 24V DC input, 8W/m and up to 300LM/W, minimum cutting unit is 83.3mm

» Superb high color consistence, and dot-free illumination

» Resistant to water, UV radiation, the jacket non-discolor over time

» Long lifetime upto 50,000 hours and maintainance free

» Working ambient temperature range -20℃ to +45℃

» Ideal for facade, bridges, marines, bars, indoor and outdoor application

Part NumberInput VoltageWattage per MeterColorCut Unit
VL-CM12-30K-24V-S24V DC12W/m
VL-CM12-40K-24V-S24V DC12W/m4000K83.3mm
VL-CM12-40K-24V-S24V DC12W/m5000K83.3mm
VL-CM12-A-24V-S24V DC12W/mAmber83.3mm
VL-CM12-R-24V-S24V DC12W/mRed83.3mm
VL-CM12-G-24V-S24V DC12W/mGreen83.3mm
VL-CM12-B-24V-S24V DC12W/mBlue83.3mm

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